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Facility rules

En pappa och två barn i bassängen tittar uppåt. Ett par fötter från ett hoppande barn syns i överkant av bilden.

Important information for visitors to the Lugnet aquatics

As a parent/adult/leader, you are always responsible for the safety and security of children in your party in pools and on slides – never leave the children unattended and always follow Lugnet’s safety rules.

Even if your child is on his or her own and is swimming, you are responsible as a parent until the child turns 18. The staff are not babysitters but lifeguards and are therefore to save lives.

For reasons of safety, you must be at least 12 years of age and capable of swimming to swim on your own. Being capable of swimming means being able to swim 200 metres including 50 metres on your back.

By paying the entrance fee to the aquatics centre, you accept the rules and guidelines we have at Lugnet.

There are instructions next to the pools on what applies. If you are uncertain,
contact the staff.

Anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and anyone being disorderly or putting safety at risk will be asked to leave the Lugnet aquatics centre. Paid entrance fees will not be refunded.

Rules of conduct

A parent/adult/leader may never leave children in their party unattended. The adult must be no more than an arm’s length away from the child if he or she cannot swim.

Swimsuits must be worn in the pool area. Everyone in the pool area must have changed into a swimsuit as it is a hygiene zone. One can be in the stands without having changed clothes, but such a person is not counted as accompanying or being responsible for children in the pool.

Concerning swimsuits:
- Only swimsuits of synthetic material are approved in the pool area.
- Underwear is not permitted under the swimsuit.

Filming and photographing in the changing rooms and pool rooms are not permitted.

The facility is a non-smoking and alcohol- and drug-free facility.

All children who use nappies/diapers must use baby swimming trunks or a swimming
nappy/diaper under the swimsuit.

Always listen to and follow the staff’s instructions

Never hesitate to contact the staff if you need help in some way or have any questions.

Always follow the safety rules posted next to the water slides

The large slide has an age limit of 7 years.

It is not permitted to walk, stand or run in the water slides.

Never push or shove anyone else down in the pool.

Everyone visiting Lugnet aquatics centre must pay the entrance fee.

All forms of glass items are prohibited in the facility, including swimming masks with glass.

Always shower without a swimsuit before swimming.

Only call for help if you are in an emergency.

Lugnet is not responsible for valuables, clothes or items left behind.

Never dive in shallow water.

Bringing in your own food to the centre or café is not permitted (except for food for young children who cannot yet eat what is offered in the café).

Remember to take care of yourself and others so that accidents do not happen.

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